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Play a fast, fun, and exciting version of Clock Solitaire (Patience) online now!

You can play Clock Solitaire (Patience), a wonderfully exciting card game, for free at Anytime Games. You’ll don’t even have to shuffle or lay out the cards because we do that all for you through our online digital magic.

Briefly, Here Are The Rules of Clock Solitaire

Our resident computerized card dealer has arranged a standard deck of cards into 13 piles laid out just like a clock face.

However, our digital dealer has placed the thirteenth pile smack dab in the middle, right where the clock hands usually would go. We’ve taken them out because we want you to be free of all time constraints, so you can have a better game experience.

The middle pile is called the king pile for obvious reasons. Place cards in their corresponding clock number positions. For example, you’d put the jack in the 11 o’clock pile, the ace in the one o’clock pile, the nine in the nine o’clock pile, the four in the four o’clock pile, and so on.

Of course, the kings would go in the king pile. You’re a winner if you end up with all the cards face-up in the right pile. On the other hand, you’ve lost if all four kings become face-up before that happens.

What are the Odds?

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you lose. That’s because the cards are literally stacked against you, with the chance of winning a measly one in 13. This is a 7.6% success rate, which is a bit on the low side. This is a game that depends entirely on luck instead of strategy, unlike most other Solitaire variations.

Read Our Informative Guide

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