Clock Solitaire

Learn Clock Solitaire (Patience) With Our List Of Complete Rules And Guide About How To Play!

Clock Solitaire (Patience) is one of the simplest card games ever devised, with rules you can learn in seconds. Read on if you want to know how to play and how to win this fun and exciting card game!

Start by removing the jokers from a standard 52 card deck and shuffling the cards. Divide the cards into 13 piles arranged as if they were numbers on a clock. The thirteenth pile, which is known as the king pile, goes in the middle.

The objective is to place a card into its corresponding clock number position. For example, the "3" cards go into the 3 o'clock pile, the ace goes into the 1 o'clock pile, and the queen into the 12 o'clock pile.

An example of the layout of cards in the Clock Solitaire

How To Tell If You're a Winner

You're a winner if all 13 piles become face-up piles of four-of-a-kind. However, if all four kings are face up before all the other cards are in the right pile, you've lost, unfortunately. Better luck next time!

One thing to keep in mind: if the final face-down card in a stack belongs to that same stack (for example, a seven at seven o'clock), you haven't lost yet. Continue playing by going to the next available number clockwise in the circle.

Odds of Winning

You shouldn't feel too bad if you don't win because the odds of winning Clock Solitaire are one in 13. This means you'll only be victorious 7.6% of the time. It's a game that depends 100% on luck and 0% on strategy. If you do win (especially if you've only played a few games), consider taking a photo of your stupendous achievement. Heck, maybe even put it on Instagram.

However, if you go fourteen games without winning, you've also beat the odds, but in the wrong direction. I wouldn't put that on Instagram if I were you.

Although the odds aren't in your favor, it's a game that's always undeniably exciting. That's because each game lures you in with the promise that perhaps this is the time you'll finally win. It's such an incredible rush when the stars all align, and you get all those piles of four-of-a-kind!

I’ve given you a tantalizing taste of what this intriguing game is like. To find out for yourself, play Clock Solitaire (Patience) card game online now!

Play Clock Solitaire

Clock Solitaire (Patience) Variations

Clock Solitaire (Patience) goes by other names, including Hidden Cards, Sun Dial, Four of a Kind, and Travelers.

If you want to give an interesting spin on Clock Solitaire a whirl, try not only stacking each card into four-of-a-kind piles but alternating the card color. For example, placing a black queen on top of a red queen. Create a waste pile to discard cards you can’t use just yet. You can use the waste pile twice before you finally lose.

You can also play the “watch” variation. This is where you get to swap your fourth king with any other card that’s still face-down.

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